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Mild TBI, also called Post-Concussion Syndrome, is a serious and disabling condition. About 60% of brain concussions have lasting cognitive deficits and about 30% of them may show progressive deterioration of cognitive function. Therefore, treating brain concussion should be considered vital.

Daniel Kuhn, M.D. is a specialist diagnosing and treating Traumatic Brain Injury and Post Concussion Syndrome. He was the first psychiatrist in New York City to incorporate brain function tests, Neurometric Brain Mapping, to his practice, and then to expand in the field of Neurofeedback as a major modality for the rehabilitation of patients with TBI.

Diagnostic Protocol for TBI / Post Concussion

Our diagnostic protocol for TBI includes:

  • Brain Mapping Battery – EEG, QEEG and Evoked Potentials
  • Continuous Performance Tests (Conner’s CPT)
  • Neurocognitive battery of tests

Treatment Protocol for TBI / Post Concussion

Our treatment protocol for TBI includes:

  • The Kuhn Method® for trauma deconditioning and symptoms erasure
  • Neurofeedback, which activates and modulates brain function, improves attention, memory, mood and sleep
  • Supportive psychotherapy
  • Psychopharmacotherapy

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Daniel Kuhn, M.D.

Daniel Kuhn, M.D, Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Medical Director of Integrative Neuropsychiatric Services of New York.