Dr. Kuhn developed his effective training approach, the Kuhn Technique® (KT), based on his unique performing experience as a classical musician, as well as his experience in treating traumatized soldiers during the war in 1973 and subsequent mental trauma and PTSD. He developed the Kuhn Technique™ as an effective method for performance enhancement of the normal, able and gifted individuals.

Dr. Kuhn applies his method by individual counseling and by running workshops and seminars for professionals and artists. In addition to his clinical work he engages in providing leadership enhancement training to major corporations. Past workshops include the Juilliard School of Music, Piano Department, and the Red Sea Music Festival in Israel, working with faculty members and students there, as well as presentation in professional conferences.

Special application of the Kuhn Technique® include:

  • Sports teams
  • Learning and academic enhancement training
  • Organization stress and team crisis management
  • Rehabilitation of PTSD

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