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Dr. Daniel Kuhn, Medical Director at Integrative Neuropsychiatric Services of New York, has been treating depression in NYC successfully for over 35 years.

Depression is a serious and quite morbid disorder which has negative implications on performance, physical health and viability. As such, it is important that it be diagnosed correctly and treated effectively to a full remission if possible. Left untreated, depression can last for months or years, becoming ingrained in one’s personality, and can lead to deterioration in one’s life, drug and alcohol abuse, ruined relationships and career.

There are different types of depression, acute and chronic ones, some associated with other physical or mental disorders or a mental trauma and PTSD, and some which stand alone.

Diagnosing and Treating Depression

After excluding a reactive depression as a response to a life crisis or loss, Dr. Kuhn looks at specific areas of brain dysfunction as a potential cause of the depression, and applies neurofeedback training to remedy the localized brain dysfunction.

In many cases the condition consists of both pure psychological components together with brain dysfunction. In such cases Dr. Kuhn applies both a psychotherapeutic and neurophysiological treatment approach (neurofeedback training).

Dr. Kuhn’s diagnostic approach relies on a brain function testing battery when needed as well as on a a neurocognitive testing battery. He treats depression using an integrated approach consisting of psychotherapy, antidepressant medication, and neurofeedback training. He is experienced treating all types of depression including depression associated with chronic medical conditions, brain concussion, head injuries or PTSD.

His depression treatment approach aims at reducing the impact of life crises and stressors, past losses and mental traumas. Special attention is given to restoring executive function, concentration and memory with both medications and/or neurofeedback training.

Treating Depression with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback, a form of biofeedback, is a safe, effective, non-invasive technique for treating depression. In general, patients experience significant improvement in their depression in about 10-20 sessions. Unlike other treatment methods available, such as antidepressant medication, neurofeedback has no known side-effects and the gains are expected to be lasting.

We use Quantitative EGG to precisely measure a person’s brain wave activity to detect areas of impaired function and connectivity between regions. We see brain regions which are under-activated or over-activated. Using the data derived from the qEEG, we target the areas of the brain that are associated with depression and use biofeedback principles to improve brain wave function and thereby activate those areas with a lasting effect.

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Daniel Kuhn, M.D.

Daniel Kuhn, M.D, Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Medical Director of Integrative Neuropsychiatric Services of New York.