PTSD Treatment in NYC

Dr. Kuhn has over 40 years of experience in treating trauma and PTSD. He developed an effective approach and technique
called the Kuhn Technique which successfully resolves acute
and chronic PTSD.

Over the years he has treated thousands of patients who have suffered from PTSD ranging from different causes like
work-related injuries, car accidents, sexual trauma, and child abuse, among others.

Dr. Kuhn’s method also includes a component of self-guided therapy which the patient learns to apply on himself.
Treatment results can manifest right after the first session.

Medications are prescribed as necessary to lower symptoms of anxiety, fear and depression, reduce nightmares and
facilitate sleep, until the time that the person is released from his condition with the Kuhn Technique.

In addition, Dr. Kuhn utilizes neurofeedback training
to improve memory and cognitive functions in PTSD.

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Daniel Kuhn, MD - Medical Director, Integrative Neuropsychiatric Services of New York

Daniel Kuhn, M.D.

Daniel Kuhn, M.D., Board Certified Psychiatrist, and Medical Director of Integrative Neuropsychiatric Services of New York.