Dr. Aaron J. Shenhar Institute Professor of Management, Academic Director, Executive Leadership Institute

You provided these managers with the clarity to build their strength, confidence and self-direction.

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to thank you for the outstanding workshop you conducted with the managers and executives of Dow Jones & Co. This Workshop was part of an executive education program that the Executive Leadership Institute of Stevens Institute of Technology is providing to Industry.

The Wesley J Howe School of Technology management at Stevens is focused on the high technology industry and on Technology based organizations within traditional industries. Our goal is to help these organizations become more effective, innovative, and efficient by learning how to use technology for competitive advantage and better utilisation of the technical and human capital. Your workshop was part of a leadership course that was given on site to technical managers and Executives at Dow Jones & Co, most of them with backgrounds in computer science and engineering.

The workshop was a great success. By offering your techniques to these managers, you had opened a new dimension in their career development and personal utilization. They felt that much of their problems can be dealt with, while their personal issues did not need to stand in the way. Such a perception is rare in the current complex and dynamic business world, and indeed, you have provided these managers with the clarity to build their strength, confidence and self-direction.

On behalf of Stevens, ELI, and Dow Jones & Co, I wish to thank you with great respect and gratitude. You can feel free to share these views with anyone you find helpful.


Dr. Aaron J. Shenhar
Institute Professor of Management
Academic Director, Executive Leadership Institute

A Very Satisfied Patient

My Thoughts on the Kuhn Technique and Dr. Kuhn’s Treatment Process After 7 Sessions

I came to Dr. Kuhn after having a nervous breakdown at work one Saturday night. I remember having thoughts of hopelessness because not only was work difficult, but I was also having interpersonal relationship issues with others at work. I was very angry with others I worked with for different reasons (someone not paying attention to me for example or ignoring me). I was not sure why I got so angry - I just knew that certain things people did would make me really mad or upset for whatever reason and I did not have control over those events. After my primary care physician suggested I go see a PTSD focused psychiatrist and recommended Dr. Kuhn who he told me is a well-known specialist in the field, I reached out Dr. Kuhn.

During our first session, using his Kuhn Technique, Dr. Kuhn was able to very quickly dive into the heart of my problems which was the PTSD from my childhood, but there was a lot and it took us several more sessions to work through painful memories that I have accumulated over the past 20 years. With every session though I felt like things improved and I felt myself getting better and more comfortable with other people at work and around me. I was no longer as angry as I was before and much happier with myself. Before every meeting, I would keep track of every negative emotion/thought that bothered me and then I would bring it up to the doctor so we could discuss it. Doing this felt like we were crossing off a laundry list of horrible emotions and memories that have piled on over the course of my life until finally there was nothing else left to work through. The Kuhn technique essentially erased many of these painful memories that would often bring me back whenever I had an unrelated interaction with coworkers and people I knew. Most importantly, the Doctor kept reminding me that deep down I was a good person and had good intentions, but certain PTSD memories would warp my personality.

As we peeled back the PTSD layers and I started to feel better, the doctor also helped me focus on another issue that was affecting my career – my ability to focus and multitask at work. While I did not have the biggest trouble with it usually, there were definitely times when it was hard. Fortunately, the doctor’s office is well equipped with a battery of cognitive tests and brain function tests, which helped him pinpoint why exactly someone like me who has always done so well in school was having issues with focus and multitasking at work. With the right medication and a clean mind, I finally feel like a complete person who is able to tackle any challenge and lead a normal life I was meant to live - a feeling that I have never had before. For the first time ever I feel like I have my life back on track and have finally been able to figure out what has been wrong with me for so long. I have known before that some sort of childhood PTSD was affecting my life, but other psychiatrists (mindfulness technique) were simply not able to help me crack the nut and really heal my mind, or perhaps I never really sought out a powerful PTSD focused psychiatrist like Dr. Kuhn before. It was also really helpful that Dr. Kuhn focuses on both the mind and brain because my problems were complex and there were 2 things impacting my career and personal life: one of them a brain issue and another a mind issue. I had no idea that my PTSD was such a big factor and probably would never have known until the doctor was able to able decipher the different things going on in my mind and how to find a solution to each one.

Marjorie S.

My Journey of Healing with Dr. Kuhn

Thank you so, so much. So very, very much. I regained my sense of smell (muted and altered, but smell nonetheless); migraines were able to be managed more successfully; problem-solving, short term and long term memory improved; impulsivity and tangential thinking responded better to redirection; verbal acuity improved and the aphasia lessened; my understanding of humor returned; my sense of social nuance improved; my ability to filter stimuli and build tolerance for social situation returned.

I successfully used biofeedback, meditation, and visualization for treatment of chronic pain; yoga and tai chi for strength and balance, and was prescribed too many medications to recall (I was a patient of Dr. Kuhn's in the late 1990s). I especially liked the brain mapping because it gave me an accurate visual presentation of the areas of my brain that were affected by the TBI as well as validated several of my "complaints" that were being dismissed by the other doctors who were treating me (I hadn't yet found the wonderful TBI doctors who would guide me through to recovery).

Because of my hypersensitivity to visual and auditory stimuli, we had to use the lowest levels of neurofeedback stimuli. I was a neurofeedback patient for several months, making slow, and usually steady progress. I did have a few setbacks, due to the nature of my injury, yet was able to return to my previous levels soon after and then continued improving.

My life was altered tremendously. I hadn't even known I had lost my sense of smell until I left a session one afternoon. I stepped off the elevator into the lobby of the building and was overwhelmed by the smell of the lilies in the bouquet of fresh flowers on the console. It took several weeks to regain the filters necessary to go through each day. Much of that time I battled severe reactions to the strong odors and aromas around me. One by one smells began to fall into the background, until one day, I was no longer bombarded by what was around me. My sense of smell, which was always very highly tuned, was muted and often what I was smelling and what I smelled were not the same (i.e oranges smelled like cinnamon, broccoli smelled like a honey-sweetened cereal I used to eat in my childhood). Discovering that I had been living for a few years not knowing I couldn't smell, I wanted to know what else was missing. I began a journey of healing that teaches me a new way of being one with this world, redefining success and purpose.

Joel Silberman Performing Concert Artist, Director and Master Class Teacher

Your extraordinary work has had a profound effect on my art, career and life.

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you for your extraordinary work and the profound effect it has had on my art, career and life. As a performing concert artist, director and master class teacher I now present myself to the public with a clarity and lightness not present in the prior to working with you. Your brilliant yet seemingly simple exercises and well-designed tools continually empower me to be at peak performance from the initial step onto the platform in any situation. No other psychological work that I've done in my life has ever had such a practical a dramatic effect on me.

More and more as I teach master classes for singers I noticed many performers bring personal psychological baggage to the work, not the domain of a director or master class teacher. I believe these students / professionals would greatly benefit from your work. To that end, I would like to see a program in which your work with the artists precedes their master class with me. That way when they arrive to begin the performance process, the weight of their personal baggage would not interfere with their ability to communicate and receive information.

Most importantly, I want to acknowledge the long-lasting effect of our work together. It deepens every day as does my belief in it. Please feel free to share this letter and if anyone would like more information regarding my experience of your work please don't hesitate to contact me.

With great respect and gratitude,

Joel Silberman

Peter Mark General and Artistic Director, The Virginia Opera

I was not prepared for the speed with which you affected results both in group and in one-on-one sessions.

Dear Daniel,

Your work with our young artists was truly thrilling here at this past weekend. Having seen your “Kuhn Technique” in operation with performing artists in New York City, I was sure you would be able to help our young artists. However, I was not prepared for the care, sensitivity and knowledge of performer and performance issues, and also the speed with which you affected results both in group and in one-on-one sessions. The results of your work with Eric Greene were obvious to me and the solid, confident way in which he performed as Morales in Sunday's performance. Likewise, Sean McDermott exhibited much more self-confidence in the transition he is making from Broadway to opera. So many of the young artist that you worked with, and others that were in attendance, felt that they had gotten great value from your work. I would like to work out having you come back for other sessions with our Virginia Opera singers.

I know that your love of music and your understanding of vocal and instrumental performance put you in a unique position as a psychiatrist to help performers. You have the full endorsement of Dr. Wendell Pile, a top psychiatrist and a Virginia Opera Board member; and Dr. Al Powell, a top psychologist and Virginia Opera supporter; who are both in attendance at your Performance Enhancement Session on Saturday. They both had a special understanding of your technique and of the immediate results that its application produced with the singers.

Bravo, and thank you for the impact that your sessions will continue to have on our talented artists. I hope to have you here back soon.


Peter Mark
General and Artistic Director
The Virginia Opera

Joan Dornemann Assistant Conductor, Metropolitan Opera Association

Your work is continuously rewarding for artists - and I believe a very necessary part of the preparation of any artist for a successful career.

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

I am writing to commend and thank you for the incomparable work you have done with our artists. We are very aware of the great careers lost to devastating emotional and psychological pain, but with the techniques you offer we can avoid this kind of great loss. You have provided to our artists the skills to build back their strength, clarity and self-direction. Your work with our casts of the operas made such a difference in their ability to relate to each other, and made them artistically available in ways unimagined. Our rehearsal work was effective and your results immediate.

The complex problems of today's opera singer, more so I believe than instrumentalists, are in great need of this kind of technique. Your work is continuously rewarding for artists - and I believe a very necessary part of the preparation of any artist for a successful career.

With so much gratitude for all you have done and are doing, on behalf of all artist everywhere,

Joan Dornemann
Assistant Conductor
Metropolitan Opera Association

Joan Dornemann The Metropolitan Opera

Dr. Kuhn's insight and experience is essential to the growth and mental well-being of our singers.

Dear Dr Kuhn,

On behalf of the IVAI, I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks and appreciate for your masterclass on Unblocking Performance Skills, Wellbeing and Career. As expected, it was highly successful, and we have had an overwhelming response from the singers and participants requesting your methods and contact information to continue the work you introduced during the workshop.

We find your insight and experience is essential to the growth and mental well-being of our singers, and we think you generously for sharing your time and knowledge so effectively an opening with them.

We look forward to continuing our future relationship, help and our future singers and the years to come.

Joan Dornemann
The Metropolitan Opera
Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona
Opera national de Paris
Director, Internal Vocal Arts Institute