The Kuhn Technique, a mental discipline developed by New York-based psychiatrist, Daniel Kuhn, M.D., offers a standardized set of stress-management, leadership, and performance enhancement tools applicable in business, creative, individual, and group settings.

Dr. Kuhn developed the Technique as part of his search for an effective, efficient alternative to traditional psychoanalysis during his time as a field physician in the Yom Kippur War. In his return to private practice, Dr. Kuhn applied the method-which focuses on the instant neutralization of image-based traumatic energy rather than a long-term ‘understanding’ pursued by traditional analysis-to a range of conditions: from clinically traumatized or dissociative patients to functional, high-achieving professionals looking to maintain, refine, or enhance peak performance.

Today, The Kuhn Technique services both ‘traditional’ patients in need of a practical, cost-effective alternative to psychoanalysis, as well as individuals, teams, and organizations looking for a predictable, standardized method for improving productivity and performance.

In both cases, the Technique leads the analysand to neutralize “charged images”-multi-dimensional memories, usually typified by a single image-that were formed at a moment of trauma and which continue to produce symptoms, attitudes, inhibitions, compulsions, or deleterious patterns of behavior. Through a discrete set of verbal and image-based cognitive techniques utilizing verbal “commands”, the Kuhn Technique directs the analysand to locate, evoke, inspect, and then neutralize these negatively charged images, or “mental constructs”. In nearly 30 years of private practice, the Kuhn Technique has been found a safe, effective, cost-efficient way to dismantle the effects of various mental conditions, including PTSD, dissociative, and personality disorders.

While the Kuhn Technique differs in several critical aspects from other cognitive therapies, it drives toward the common goal of a “free state of being” or “consciousness” -an everyday operational mode free from fixed ideas, mental constructs or “negative identities” that produce emotional or physical discomfort. Rather than trying to ‘understand’ the meaning or ramifications of trauma, the Kuhn Technique neutralizes the effect or “force” of traumatic constructs on the patient’s present-day interpretation of events, relationships, and self-creating a clear slate for growth.

Likewise, in the peak performance and corporate settings, The Kuhn Workshops enhance mental agility, productivity, executive process, creativity, interpersonal synergy, and leadership skill. Combining lectures, demonstrations, individual and group training, the Workshops:

  • Reduce individual and organizational stress, improving morale;
  • Unblocking communication and enhancing teamwork and productivity;
  • Facilitate decision-making processes and a spontaneous evolution of the corporate identity by unleashing “blocked” creative energy.

For more information regarding the Kuhn Technique, the Kuhn Workshops, or Dr. Daniel Kuhn, please contact Daniel Kuhn, MD at 212.315.1755.

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